Fixed Deposit

Savings Products
This is an investment account where money is deposited for a fixed period and the interest rate does not change. A Fixed Deposit offers higher interest rates than ordinary savings accounts.


  1. Amount of investment is determined by client
  2. Period of investment is determined by client
  3. Interest rate which is negotiable is determined upfront
  4. No commission on turnover (COT)
  5. No account maintenance fee
  6. Must be an account holder
  7. Higher interest rate
  8. Minimum deposit of GHC1000.00
  9. Certificate of deposit will be issued


  1. High returns on your money
  2. Ability to earn more
  3. You can have instant access to your money
  4. Help you grow your business
  5. Access to funds on demand 
  6. Negotiable interest rate

How to Apply

You will need to gather the following requirements before you can apply:

  1. Provide two (2) recent passport pictures
  2. One valid national ID card (Voters, Driver’s license, Passport, NHIS)
  3. Fully completed fixed deposit account application Form
  4. Send completed fixed deposit account application form together with all the above-mentioned documents in person to any of our branch network offices